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Ronnie Shingelo is a singer/songwriter from NJ with a taste for dark romance and lyrical melodies. New album – Chemical Love, written and produced by Ronnie and long time friend and musical hero, Jimmy Gnecco of the band Ours, is coming in 2019 with videos and an East Coast tour. Past releases under former band, black bird white sky include a full length self titled record released in 2011, a Remix EP released in 2012 and The Fall EP also released in 2012, premiering on AOL Spinner. Music has been licensed to various platforms including the hit video game, Step Evolution and the hot independent film Delusions of Guinevere.

Former frontman for popular rock bands SkinGod, Silvercord, and black bird white sky, Ronnie decided to take a different approach. Going solo, stripping things back to acoustic music, he teamed up with his musical hero, Jimmy Gnecco to set off on a journey to make a pure, acoustic heartfelt record that moves people. Captured and recorded in it's purest sense without big production. Touch is an example of what's to expect.  The song themes touch on love, acceptance, romance, and ultimately the hope for a better, safer world to raise our children...

The single, Touch, is now available on iTunes.
BBWS’s debut album Black Bird White SkyThe Remixes EP, and The Fall EP are all available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, CDBaby and Spotify.  Cover photo by Lauren Jonik.



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by Ronnie Shingelo

New Album Coming Soon

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